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For designers, are you seeking frames to use in your kits, here are several to choose from:

New Kit Releases - Varsity School Days

When the kids return to school, there's the excitement of sports in the air along with school spirit. Here are 5 full size scrap kits in school colors, green and gold, maroon and gold, red and black, orange and white and royal blue and white, each kit has 160 elements, 7-9 frames and 16 papers. All kits are available in these stores:

CT tag - Peach Essence Tutorial

This gorgeous tag was made for me by my CT Team member, Bekki Stevenson aka Neptunia Designs. Thanks Bekki, for a job well done. You may find the tutorial here

Turbulent Sea Tag

This tutorial was written by me in 2010 for a forum that no longer is operating. This is from my own imagination and any similarity to anyone else is coincidental. It is for those with a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro. I have moved the tutorial here and fixed all broken links. I hope you enjoy doing my tutorial.

Items needed:
Tube I used Elias Chatzoudis
A license is needed for this art, you can purchase at CDO
Font:I used Aquaduct Plain Here
A misted waterscene
Encapsulated selection by me

Filters needed:
Flaming Pear Aetherize demo here Flaming Pear
Flaming Pear Flood here
Eye Candy 4000 Jiggle demo here
Tramages Pool Shadow Here
Supplies: 4Shared
included are the misted water scene and the selection

Let's begin !

600 x 200 image
Open all tubes and suppllies and minimize
Selections - Load / Save Selections - Load selection from alpha channel
Select the capsulated click ok or load

Note: to work this tut you must keep the selection running unles otherwise specified
Open your misted scene and choose 2 colors and make a gradient

Fill with gradient 
New layer - copy misted scene and paste into selection
effects flaming pear aetherize

apply flaming pear flood

Lower the opacity to 40 on both layers and merge visible
duplicate 3 times and x out the bottom (merged) layer
Rename remaining layers water 1, water 2 and water 3
Highlight water 1 layer
Selections - select none
Activate your feehand selection tool -= set to point to point
Draw around water area 

Effects - plugins eyecandy 4000 - jiggle

Apply the same effect to water 2 change bubble size to 4 and click random seed
Water 3 - change bubble size to 5 and click random seed
Select none
Click on the bottom merged layer select all - float - defloat
Selections invert now click on each water layer and hit delete
Selections invert -keep selected
Click on the top layer open your tube and paste as new layer resize if needed
apply the aetherize filter

Go to your merged layer - contract by 5
Selections - modify - select selection borders

Selections - modify - expand 2 - new layer - fill with gradient
Apply tramages pool shadow (default settings) - select none
Apply inner bevel change the color to your background color

Move this layer to the top
Apply a drop shadow H -1 V 3 Opacity 70 Blur 6
Apply drop shadow H 1 V-3
Apply your name in white or a light color and lower opacity to your liking
Add artist name, copyright and URL

x out water 2 and 3
Highlight the merged layer
Go Ani Shop and paste as a new animation
Back to PSP x out water 1 and open water 2 - copy merged
Back to Ani Shop and paste after current frame
In PSP x out water 2 and open water 3 - copy merged
Back to Ani Shop and paste after current frame
Still in AS - edit - select all
Animation - frame properties - 25
Save as a gif

You're done!
Hope you enjoyed my tut !

New In Stores: Coral Reef

New tagger size kit in stores packed with 140 elements, 20 papers and 10 frames. Lots of colorful coral, rocks, shells fish and other underwater creatures.

Supplies needed:
Corel Paint Shop Pro X or any version
Tube of choice, I used Sachiko Mili,"TheCouple"  you must have a license to use Here
Mask of choice, I used WSL_238 here
PTU Scrap Time Traveller by GOF here

Disclaimer: This tutorial was written by Pamela on May 13, 2014 and is solely from my own imagination, any resemblance to anyone else’s is purely coincidental. This tutorial is written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.

Let’s begin !
Open frame 4, shift + D to copy, close original, resize 80
New layer, move to bottom and fill white
Image, canvas size, 650 x650
New layer, select all
C/p paper 6  and paste into selection
Select none, apply mask, merge group
Resize mask 110%
Highlight your frame layer
Hold down your shift key and click inside each frame opening
Selections, modify, expand by 20
Highlight the mask layer
C/p paper 9 as a new layer, selections, invert, delete
C/p your tube, resize 40% and move into frame as shown
Duplicate your tube, layers arrange send to top
Go back to the original tube layer and hit your delete
Back to the tube copy ( top layer ) and take your eraser and remove the bottom
C/p element 63, resize 40%, place bottom right, dulcate, flip and move top left
C/p element 17, move to right bottom, move under your paper layer
Duplicate, flip horizontal and move to top
C/p ele 11, rsz 40% and move right, duplicate and center
Add brightness and contrast, brightness = 40, contrast=20 and then sharpen
C/p element 8, resize 40%, move to top, sharpen, duplicate and move to bottom

Add your artist name, copyright, url and your name.


Close the white background layer and the 2 top layers
Highlight the mask layer and merge visible
Open your top gear, duplicate 4 times and rename them a, b, c, d and e
Click on layer a, image, free rotate with right checked, change to 45 degrees
B – 90
C – 180
D – 270
E – 360
Close all layers except a
Open the bottom gear, duplicate 4 times, rename 1,2,3,4 and 5
Starting with 1 repeat the process as above
Close all except 1
Copy merged and paste as new animation in animation shop
Back to PSP, close 1 and a, open 2 and b, copy merged
Back to Animation Shop and paste after current layer
Repeat this process until you have all 5 layers in Animation Shop
Select all frames and change property to 25

You’re done !

Thanks for viewing my tutorial !

New kit in stores

New in my stores, 'Wedding Day'

FTU Cluster Frames with bonus papers

These clusters were created from my PTU kits, Tiki Party and You're So Vain, also available in stores.
Each cluster frame has a BONUS of 4 papers

Download Media Fire

NEW: Designer Templates in stores

Display your scrap kits using these full size, personal use templates. Colorize to match your kits and resize if needed. Available now in my stores